Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gratitude Journal December 10, 2013

Dec. 10, 2013

I am grateful for:

Breakfast for Dinner  made by Jack, Emma and Bill.  We had set it up in the morning, everyone with their assigned jobs.  I figured by the time the evening came and we all got home from work and school, we would instead find something from the freezer to serve as a runner up meal.  But everyone was committed to have Breakfast for dinner tonight.  While I was't necessarily in the mood for eggs and french toast, it turned out to be an amazingly nurturing meal in many ways.

A great yoga class with Jenna today.

I loved the smile that Kathie S. gave Jenna today.  Wish I could remember what was said to warrant it,  but it was a very telling acknowledgment.

Decorating our tree.

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