Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6, 2012

Construction has begun.  I have mixed feelings.  Excitement, by far, is leading the way.  However, I am finding a bit of sadness and fear peeping through.  The reference that keeps coming up for me is that of pregnancy.  Trying and trying. Then, finding out you are pregnant and being swarmed with thoughts that you would not have know to consider before.

My biggest question is, "What don't I know that I will need to know?"  That has been one that has plagued me for many,many years and not just in reference to this yoga studio.  I always want to know more. Why?  Because I enjoy finding answers or because I don't want to make the mistakes?  Both.  Lucky for me today, I have a lot of details to concentrate on in preparation for the construction to stay on pace. Therefore, I am not taking the time to run around in circles searching for answers. I am once again reminded of how this relates to a yoga class.  Often, I will go in to practice with something or many things on my mind, but once I commit to "letting go" and concentrate on being present with my practice, (and many times this will take me well into class before reaching the point of surrender) I  find that sense of clarity and calmness; something that I am becoming more familiar with and more comfortable with.